Difference between Currency Market and Forex Market

Difference between Forex Market and Currency Market:


Forex Market

Currency  Market


To exchange one nation's currency for that of another, there is an institution known as the foreign exchange market (Forex, or FX market). Because the exchange of individual currencies, such as the euro and the US dollar, each constitutes a market, foreign exchange markets consist of numerous markets.

A market in which participants from all over the world buy and sell various currencies is known as the international currency market. Banks, corporations, central banks, investment management companies, hedge funds, retail forex brokers, and investors are all participants.

How does the Market works

Forex trading is betting on the value of a currency in the hopes of making a profit. Since currencies are traded in pairs, a trader speculates on the value of one currency against another by exchanging it for another.

Pairs are the only way to trade currencies. The forex market requires you to buy one currency and sell another. Prices are set to the fourth decimal place for nearly all currencies. The smallest trade increment is called a pip or percentage point.

Things to Start Trading

1) Choose your forex trading strategy.

2) Learn about the forex market.

3) Create a login.

4) Make a trading strategy.

5) Select a platform for forex trading.

6) Open, keep an eye on, and exit your first position.

1) Open a currency trading account with a reputable broker like Nirmal Bang, with no account opening fees.

 2) Follow the Customer KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines.

3) Place the necessary margin deposit.

4) To begin, obtain the necessary access credentials from your broker.

Who Controls the Market

It is decentralized because a single authority does not control it, like a government or international organization. Instead, governments and commercial banks dominate the market through their central banks.

The Reserve Bank of India Act of 1934 establishes the legal guidelines for managing foreign exchange reserves. There are two primary reasons why the Reserve Bank's reserves management function has increased in importance and sophistication over the past few years.

Money need to open an account

Although some discount brokers will let you open a nano account for as little as $100, most brokers will require at least $1,000 in capital to be transferred to your account before you can begin trading Forex.

The minimum balance must be kept at 500 USD, 250 GBP, and 500 EURO. The account's balance can be transferred at any time.

Is this a good investment

Forex trading could make you rich if you are a hedge fund with a lot of money or an unusually skilled currency trader. Forex trading, however, can be a bumpy road to enormous losses and potential penury for the typical retail trader rather than a straight path to wealth.

Because they provide the possibility of capital appreciation, currencies are comparable to stocks and commodities. You will make money if the value of your currencies against the dollar rises. You will lose money if your currencies fall against the dollar.


The Forex is the biggest financial market globally, with a daily volume estimated by the Central Bank of FX and OTC at $6.6 trillion. Moreover, Forex trading is permitted in all countries where the currency is legal.

Under Section 13 (1C) of the Act, a forex trader who engages in illegal activity may face up to five years in prison. Forex and currency trading is legal in India, but violating FEMA by not using authorized brokers or permitted currency pairs is a criminal offense.



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