Finowings Financial Freedom Conclave 2022

Financial Freedom Conclave 2022

Guinness World Record made in Lucknow, U.P. in The Financial Freedom Conclave 2022 by Mr. Mukul Agrawal

On 11th Dec 2022, Mukul Agrawal, founder of Finowings, organized a Financial Freedom Conclave in Lucknow. More than 2000 audiences from across India showed love by joining the conclave. And by this, Mr. Mukul Agrawal made a Guinness World Record for organizing the Largest Financial Investment Lesson in Lucknow, UP.

Mr. Mukul Agrawal is a man with big dreams. Right after school, he started preparing hard to get a seat in MBBS, but despite trying two times, he didn't get it through. At this moment, when he was disappointed and clueless about what his next steps should be, he came across the stock market.

He tried his hand at something completely new, a field he had no experience in. But since it was the first thing that piqued his interest and curiosity, he spent hours learning about how it works, the mechanisms of making profits, and understanding why so many people make huge losses they can't recover in the stock market!

In this event, the audience learned:

How to be Financially Literate.

How to be Financially Independent.

How to be a full-time trader.

Regular Income from Option Strategy.

Understand the secret of investing.

Financial Knowledge under One Roof.

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