Technical Analysis (Live)


Instructor: Mukul Agrawal
Language: Hindi

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Technical Analysis (Live Session)

Gain the ability to make profit in the stock market using Technical Analysis in the Safest way, by taking this course! This Live Technical Analysis Trading Course is designed to bring you from understanding nothing about technical analysis to understanding everything about what it takes to become a highly profitable trader. You'll master how to use dozens of technical candlesticks Pattern, Screeners and Technical Strategies, and forecast precisely what's happening with the market by Chart reading. It includes Trend Concepts Like- Trendline, Analyzing Charts, most valuable Practical knowledge of GAP & Channels, FIBBO, Advance FIBBO ,multi time frame analysis,multi confirmation tradeand many more topics added every month!

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If you are still in a dilemma, here are a few questions that will help you to make the final decision-

1. Do you want to learn the valuable skills required in the stock market most safely via Technical Analysis?

2. Do you want to learn the element of Trading that investors, even after spending years, don't know?

If yes, I would suggest, based on my experience after working for 14+ years in Investing and Finance Industry, that you might enjoy this course and learn the basic yet essential analysis that will help you earn more money. I hope to see you as a learner in the course when we next meet.