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Top 3 Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India 2024



Although navigating the credit card market can be challenging, lifetime free credit cards (LTF) appeal to consumers looking for value in a variety of spending categories, such as eating, entertainment, and travel, because they provide significant rewards without yearly fees.

The Indian credit card market will provide a variety of LTF cards by 2024, each catering to a different set of requirements from customers.

To help you make an informed choice in a market that is changing quickly, this article gives a summary of the best LTF credit cards that are available in India for 2024. It does this by emphasizing each card's main features, advantages, and target audience.


Understanding Lifetime Free Credit Cards

Because Lifetime Free Credit Cards (LTF) don't have any yearly or renewal fees, they're quite appealing to consumers on a budget. These cards can greatly improve your spending efficiency because they frequently offer a plethora of rewards, cashback, and other incentives. The promise of long-term benefits combined with the absence of ongoing fees is what makes LTF cards so appealing.


Top 3 Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India for 2024

The selection of the best LTF credit cards is based on various factors, including reward rates, welcome benefits, additional perks, and suitability for different consumer profiles.

1.IDFC FIRST Classic Credit Card

The IDFC FIRST Classic Credit Card stands out for its reward points system, travel benefits, and entertainment perks. With no joining or renewal fees, it offers a rewarding experience for those who frequently spend across various categories.

  • Key Features: Reward points on every spend, welcome gift voucher, complimentary railway lounge access, roadside assistance, and discounts on movie tickets.

  • Best Suited For: Individuals looking for a versatile card with benefits across travel, entertainment, and daily spending.

  • Rewards: Earn 10 Reward Points (RPs) for every Rs. 150 spent, with additional benefits on entertainment and travel.

  • Welcome Offer: Rs. 500 vouchers on spending Rs. 15,000 within the first 90 days.

  • Perks: Complimentary railway lounge access, roadside assistance, and discounts on movie tickets.

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2.ICICI Bank Credit Card

ICICI Bank offers credit cards under multiple categories, including online shopping, rewards, travel, cashback, etc

  • Get cashback of up to Rs. 26,000 during ICICI Bank Festive Bonanza

  • Save up to 20% on your Zoomcar bookings

  • Get Rs. 1,000 off on your transactions at Ajio

  • Save up to Rs. 500 on INOX movie tickets

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3.Axis Bank Neo Credit Card

Designed for the entry-level user, this card offers a range of discount offers on popular online platforms and partner merchants.

  • Key Features: Discounts and cashback on partner merchants like Zomato, Amazon Pay, and entertainment benefits.

  • Best Suited For: New credit card users and online shoppers looking for discounts and savings on purchases.

  • Rewards: Discounts and cashback on partner merchants like Zomato, and Amazon Pay.

  • Welcome Offer: Not specified.

  • Perks: Discount offers on Zomato, Amazon Pay, and other online sales.

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Comprehensive Comparison

To aid in decision-making, here is a tabular comparison of the key features of these top 3 LTF credit cards:

Feature/ Card


ICICI Credit Card

Axis Bank Neo

Annual Fee




Reward Type


Points & Cashback

Discounts & Offers

Welcome Offer




Best For

Versatile Spending

Online Shopping & Movie tickets

Online Shopping


Making the Right Choice

Think about your spending patterns and areas where you can get the most out of your advantages when selecting a lifetime free credit card. The best credit card for you is the one that fits your spending habits and provides the best value on your regular expenses, whether that value comes from cashback, reward points, travel benefits, or dining discounts.




The Indian market will provide a wide range of lifetime-free credit cards in 2024, each tailored to meet the needs of various lifestyles and spending patterns. With so many benefits—from travel advantages and restaurant discounts to rewards and cashback—these cards let users maximize their spending effectiveness without having to pay annual fees.

Whether you're a frequent online shopper, a travel fanatic, or just like going out to eat and see movies, the secret to making the most of a lifetime free credit card is to choose one that fits well with your financial and personal objectives.

With the correct card, you can take advantage of big discounts, points, and other perks that make managing your finances enjoyable and trouble-free. This method guarantees that each purchase offers a balance of value and ease, saving you money while also improving your overall shopping experience.






Frequently Asked Questions


Lifetime free credit cards (LTF) offer a variety of benefits without any annual fees. These can include reward points, cashback, travel benefits, discounts on dining and entertainment, and more. They are a great way to maximize your spending efficiency and earn rewards on your everyday purchases.


The top LTF cards will vary depending on your spending habits. Some popular options include:

  • IDFC FIRST Classic Credit Card: Offers reward points on all spends, travel benefits, and entertainment perks.
  • HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card: Provides travel vouchers, dining discounts, and cashback offers.
  • Axis Bank Neo Credit Card: Designed for online shoppers, offering discounts and cashback on popular platforms like Zomato and Amazon Pay.

Consider your spending habits and lifestyle to pick the best LTF card. Here are some key factors:

  • Reward type: Do you prefer cashback, reward points, or discounts?
  • Spending categories: Do you spend more on travel, dining, online shopping, or other categories?
  • Welcome offer: Some cards offer bonus points or cashback for meeting minimum spending requirements.
  • Additional perks: Look for benefits like airport lounge access, movie ticket discounts, or roadside assistance.

While there's no annual fee, LTF cards may have other charges like interest on unpaid balances, late payment fees, and foreign transaction fees. Be sure to understand all the terms and conditions before applying.


To maximize your LTF card benefits, use it for your regular purchases that qualify for rewards or discounts. Pay your bills in full and on time to avoid interest charges. Keep track of your spending and rewards to ensure you're getting the most value out of your card.

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