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Should you invest in cryptocurrency? Must know things before making an investment


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Among the biggest obstacles for investors whenever it relates to cryptocurrencies is not falling victim to the hype. Virtual currencies have become increasingly popular among institutional and ordinary investors alike. Experts have also kept reminding investors of the volatility and unpredictable character of cryptocurrencies.

Similar to any investment, it's crucial to analyze if you've decided to engage in the cryptocurrency market. What to know before investing in cryptocurrency is covered here.

1. What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptography protects the digital or virtual currency known as cryptocurrency, making it practically hard to forge or double-spend. Blockchain technology, a distributed ledger enforced by a dispersed network of computers, is the foundation of many cryptocurrencies decentralized networks. The fact that cryptocurrencies are often not authorized by any central authority makes them potentially impervious to intervention from or manipulation by governments.

2. Is investing in cryptocurrency a good idea?

Analysts warn investors about the erratic and unpredictable character of cryptocurrencies, but some investors are ready to take the chance for the possible return. It's crucial to conduct a preliminary study to decide whether investing in cryptocurrencies is a good choice for you.

3. Consider Why You Are Investing in Cryptocurrency

Before investing in cryptocurrencies, you should probably ask yourself why you're doing it, which is perhaps the most important question to ask. Numerous investing options exist, many of which provide more stability and lower risk than virtual currency.

Are you just curious since cryptocurrencies are so popular right now? Or is there a more convincing justification for investing in a particular digital token or token? Researching the cryptocurrency area may be more beneficial for certain investors compared to others, but different investors have different personal investment objectives.

4. 5 things you must know before investing in cryptocurrency

Here are the 5 things you must know before investing in cryptocurrency:


4.1 Cryptocurrencies Are Decentralised

Blockchain technology is used by crypto to build decentralized systems. Blockchain is a system of governance that protects the security of transactional data. Due to their decentralized nature, cryptocurrencies are not governed or managed by any one particular authority.

It implies that "crypto" refers to a type of virtual asset that is dependent on a network that is distributed among numerous computers located all over the globe. Due to their decentralized character, governments and other institutions have no authority over them.

Many central banks and governments are actively debating how to control cryptocurrencies while yet permitting them to exist for use in trade, investments, and technical advancement. Noting that just a small number of countries have forbidden cryptocurrencies, it should be noted that the world is quickly realizing that they might become the new standard to that we need to adhere.

4.2 Speculative in Nature

Numerous financial analysts think that because cryptocurrencies are still in the early stages of development, they will prove to be a passing trend.

The current financial system, according to some financial analysts, will become unstable due to cryptocurrencies, and a new system of payments will emerge as a result. The bulk of cryptocurrencies is probably doomed to fail, while only a select few of the finest ones will. There is a lack of knowledge on a variety of cryptocurrency-related topics, most importantly their usefulness. Whereas the majority see it as a speculative investment, some people perceive it as money, while others use it to make transactions or to participate in communities.

The underlying asset that backs cryptocurrencies is not present. The price of a stock, for instance, is influenced by a company's achievements. The sole factor driving cryptocurrency values is speculative activity. The majority of bitcoin's value is predicated on predictions about its future value. Cryptocurrencies have consequently been in a long-lasting bubble.

4.3 Extremely Unstable

According to their speculative nature, blockchain-based investments like Bitcoin are naturally uncertain and volatile. The values of cryptocurrencies can change drastically. They are traded

continuously all over the world, frequently by unidentified individuals who can influence the marketplace because there is little oversight.

Data on what influences prices in either direction is lacking. Frequently, the stench of regulatory action in any nation might cause prices to decline. The bitcoin market is more volatile than the stock market. A 10% decline in a stock index will startle the marketplace. On cryptocurrency markets, however, 10% fluctuations are essentially daily occurrences. A swift rise can make you rich fast, but a fast fall can make you bankrupt.

4.4 Subject to Cyberattacks

Despite being based on incredibly secured blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies may be subject to cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Although blockchain technology has the potential to be safe, the platforms that are essential to increasing the volume of cryptocurrency trade and supporting Bitcoin and other similar currencies do not employ the same system. They are therefore susceptible to different cyberattacks.

Social media fraud and identity theft are being used by fraudsters to trick victims into allowing them access to their cryptocurrency wallets. A few instances of significant cryptocurrency exchanges being hacked have resulted in the loss of many investors' bitcoin assets.

The many components of the digital environment, including cryptocurrency exchanges and e-wallets, might not be completely safe from online cybercriminals. For example, in the case of Bitcoin, numerous online exchanges were hacked, and millions of dollars worth of coins were stolen.

Because of this, some of the biggest exchanges around the world are scrambling to put in place a framework, reliable systems, and processes to protect themselves from cyberattacks out of concern that upcoming cryptocurrency laws will make these fintech networks responsible for investor losses.

4.5 Cryptocurrency Gains Are Taxable in India

Despite the fact that these virtual internet currencies are currently uncontrolled, profits from them are taxed on capital gains under the Income Tax Act, much like profits from gold. The finance minister has declared a 30% tax on profits from the sale of virtual digital assets.

The Union Budget 2022-23 Memorandum states that "As per the suggested section 115BBH, the overall amount of income tax that must be paid when an assessee's overall revenue contains any income from the transfer of virtual digital assets is determined by adding together the 30% income tax that has been estimated on that income. The amount of income tax that would have been due if the assessee's overall revenue had been lowered by the sum of their revenue from the sale of virtual digital assets."

5. How can I get additional information about the cryptocurrency I wish to purchase? 

Connect with an online community of cryptocurrency investors and fans, like the one on Reddit, to discover what the community is talking about and to discover as much about cryptocurrencies. And understand how to invest in cryptocurrency in India.  Study the white paper in which the cryptocurrency project you're thinking about is described in depth. Each project needs to have a readily available white paper; if it doesn't, think of it as a warning sign.


Among the biggest obstacles for investors whenever it relates to cryptocurrencies is not falling victim to the hype. Investors are still being advised by experts to beware of cryptocurrencies' high volatility and unpredictable nature. Similar to any other investment, it's crucial to investigate if you've chosen to invest in the cryptocurrency industry. To better assess whether this kind of investment option is useful for you, think about why you are engaged in this specific investment vehicle and educate yourself on cryptocurrency and blockchain networks.


Frequently Asked Questions


Online trading services that let you buy and sell cryptocurrency currencies are known as cryptocurrency exchanges. As a novice, it is preferable to invest through a trading system because it provides greater safety than purchasing from a lone trader.


Looking through a cryptocurrency's whitepaper is the greatest method to learn more about it. It contains all the information you require to understand currency, including its use cases, scalability, plans for the future, community involvement, and growth potential.


It's your initial investment: Varun Marneni, a qualified financial planner at Atlanta's CPC Advisors, concurs that it is preferable to invest in cryptocurrency after having $100,000 in secure investments.


Closing. How much capital is required to begin trading cryptocurrencies? It is advised to only invest a little sum, between $50 and $100, while you are still studying the business and honing your methods. You can increase your investment once you get a handle on your trading approach.


Ethereum: Can it fall to zero? Few analysts have gone as far as to forecast a crash to zero, despite the fact that many analysts have shared their opinions on how low Ethereum can go. The complete value loss of Ethereum, as well as other well-known coins like Bitcoin, should be noted as being extremely unlikely.

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