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HDFC Defence Funds Direct Growth Plan: Get Upto 70% ROI


Is HDFC Defence Fund Direct-Growth the Right Choice?

When it comes to investing in mutual funds, there are so many choices out there that it can get really confusing. You might not know which one to pick. But don't worry! We're here to help you out. Our experts have picked a mutual fund that has a good chance of growing your money in the future which is HDFC Defence Funds for 2024.


HDFC Defence Fund Direct-Growth Overview

In current times, the world feels really unsettled. We hear about wars, invasions, terror attacks, and crises almost every day. During times like these, having a strong defence sector is super important. The government is putting a lot of money into making sure our defence sector is strong. This is where the HDFC Defence Fund Direct-Growth mutual fund comes in as a smart investment choice.

The HDFC Defence Fund is a thematic mutual fund from HDFC Mutual Fund. It started on May 19, 2023. The fund has a 92.3% investment in domestic equities. Out of that, 4.18% is in big companies, 17.4% is in medium-sized ones, and 29.97% is in smaller companies.



HDFC Defence Fund Direct-Growth Overview

The HDFC Defence Fund Direct-Growth holds AUM totalling Rs. 2113.29 crores. Over the past five years, it has achieved a CAGR of 0.00%. This fund imposes an exit load of 1.00% and maintains an expense ratio of 0.80%. For investors looking to invest, the minimum investment required is an SIP of Rs 100.

VRO rating


Expense ratio

0.80% as of April 16, 2024

Exit load


AUM (Fund size)

Rs. 2,248 Cr.


No Lockin


11 Month 


Nifty India Defence TRI

Min. investment

SIP ₹100


Very High

Short-term capital gains (STCG)

Returns taxed at 15% if you redeem before 1 year

Long-term capital gains (LTCG)

After 1 year, pay a tax of 10% on returns of ₹1 lakh+ in a financial year


The Objective of the HDFC Defence Fund Direct-Growth 

The main objective of this fund is to achieve capital appreciation by mainly investing in equity and equity-related securities of companies within the domestic market. However, it's important to note that there is no guarantee that these investment objectives will be met.

Equity, sectoral / Thematic Funds

1Y Return

3Y Return

Fund Size (Cr)

Quant Infrastructure Fund Direct-Growth




Kotak Infrastructure and Economic Reform Fund Direct-Growth




Nippon India Banking & Financial Services Fund Direct-Growth




Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities Fund Direct-Growth




SBI Healthcare Opportunities Fund Direct-Growth





Top Defence Stock Holdings of HDFC Defence Fund


Assets (%)


Return 1 Yr (%)

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd




Bharat Electronics Ltd




MTAR Technologies Ltd




Solar Industries India Ltd




Premier Explosives Ltd





HDFC Defence Fund Direct-Growth Fund Managers:

  • Abhishek Poddar

  • Dhruv Muchhal


The HDFC Defence Fund Direct-Growth stands out as a strategic investment option, with its focus on capital appreciation through investments in the domestic defence sector. The fund provides diversification across organizations of diverse sizes within the sector, enhancing potential returns.

Investors have to carefully consider their risk tolerance and investment goals before committing to the HDFC Defence Fund Direct-Growth. While the fund offers an appealing opportunity for growth, it's important to remember that there are no guarantees in the marketplace, and buyers should invest after a complete assessment of all the factors.


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Frequently Asked Questions


The expense ratio of HDFC Defence Fund Direct-Growth is 0.80% as of April 16, 2024.


You can start investing with as little as Rs. 100 through SIP.


There is no lock-in period for HDFC Defence Fund Direct-Growth.


If you redeem the fund before one year, a 15% tax is applied to returns. After one year, a long-term capital gains tax of 10% is deducted on returns exceeding Rs. 1 lakh in a financial year.


Yes, you can invest in a lump sum or through SIP, according to your preference.

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