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Anupam Mittal Story: CEO of Shaadi.com | Shark Tank India Judge



Anupam Mittal, the founder and CEO of the popular matrimonial site Shaadi.com, has also become a household name as one of the beloved sharks on Shark Tank India. Anupam made his debut on the show in Season 1 and has since become a fixture on the panel, gracing Seasons 2 and 3 as well with his presence. With his sharp wit and keen business sense, he's become a favourite shark among budding entrepreneurs across the country.

In this blog, we'll dive into Anupam Mittal's personal journey, exploring his early life, crucial experiences, his ventures into investment, and of course, the incredible success story behind Shaadi.com.


Early Life and Education

Anupam Mittal, born on December 23, 1971, hails from Mumbai, India, where he was raised in a humble Marwadi family. Growing up, Anupam was bright student and attended Jai Hind College for his schooling. After completing his early education in India, he embarked on a journey to the US for further studies.


Anupam's Boston Dream

Anupam went to Boston College, Massachusetts after his schooling in India. There, he pursued MBA, specializing in Operations and Strategic Management. 

Upon completing his education, Anupam returned to India and began spending time at his father's office, offering web development services to clients in his free time. 

It was during this period that a fascinating incident sparked Anupam's entrepreneurial journey, although initially, it was more of an experiment than a full-fledged enterprise, as his primary focus remained on his employment.

 Anupam eventually secured a job at MicroStrategy in the US, even obtaining American nationality. He served as a product manager at MicroStrategy. However, fate took a turn, leading Anupam to embrace entrepreneurship as a full-time pursuit and become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India.

Personal Details

Here are some personal details about Anupam Mittal, offering a glimpse into his life and journey.

  • Full Name: Anupam Mittal

  • Date of Birth: 23 December 1971

  • Age: 52 Years (as of 2024)

  • Hometown: Delhi, India

  • Company Founded: People Group, Shaadi.com, Makaan.com, Mauj Mobile

  • Current Position: Founder & CEO of People Group, Shaadi.com, Makaan.com, and Founder of Mauj Mobile

  • Current City: Mumbai, India

  • Parents: Father - Gopal Krishna Mittal

  • Marital Status: Married

  • Spouse: Aanchal Kumar 

  • Children: Alyssa Mittal 

Entrepreneurial Journey of Anupam Mittal

Anupam's entrepreneurial journey started in 1997 upon his return to India after completing his degree. During this time, he met a matchmaker who spared no effort in arranging marriages for clients and charged a good commission. 

The matchmaker was after Anupam and even tried to set him up with some of his customers. While getting rid of this matchmaker's services, Anupam came up with the revolutionary idea of Shaadi.com, a web portal where individuals could connect and find suitable partners without any middlemen.

Anupam loved this idea and without much thought launched the initial version of Sagaai.com, investing all his savings into this experimental project. Anupam's primary focus remained on his employment, so while he was interested in the business, he could only dedicate time to it on weekends.

Anupam eventually secured a job at Microstrategy in the US, but the burst of the dot-com bubble in 2000-01 changed things. MicroStrategy also collapsed during this time and after the consideration he returned to India. where he rebranded Shaghai.com to Shaadi.com, shifting his focus.

Anupam recognised the limitations of internet accessibility in India and turned his attention to the US market, inspired by websites like Shariah.com, a popular website among foreigners, where many individuals found their life partners. 

Anupam conducted thorough research, narrowed down his target audience, and identified a significant demand for a service like Shaadi.com among NRIs and expatriates from the UK, the US, and Canada. These individuals, despite being away from their homeland, still desired to marry within their community. Shaadi.com proved to be invaluable in matching these connections and fulfilling their marriage aspirations.

Gradually the popularity of Shaadi.com surged and it became synonymous with online matchmaking, boasting over 35 million users and countless success stories.

Anupam's entrepreneurial prowess didn't stop there. He went on to establish other successful ventures under the People Group umbrella, including Makaan.com, India's leading online real estate platform, and Mauj Mobile, a top mobile media firm. 

These brands have not only become household names but have also strengthened People Group's reputation as one of the country's most innovative companies. Anupam is celebrated for his sharp business acumen and careful attention to detail, paving the way for transformative ventures in India's digital landscape.



Facing Challenges

India wasn't initially very internet-savvy, it was only after the widespread accessibility brought by Jio Internet reaching every household, the scenario changed. 

When Anupam began Shaadi.com, one of his biggest challenges was the limited number of internet users in India. Additionally, Indians were somewhat hesitant to embrace online matchmaking, preferred sticking to traditional ways and were unsure about trying something new.

Recognising these hurdles, Anupam shifted focus to the US market, targeting NRIs and expatriates, which helped sustain the business. 

With perseverance, strategic insight, and unwavering dedication, Anupam guided Shaadi.com through these initial challenges, transforming it into a trusted global matchmaking platform.



Personal and Professional Achievements

Since its establishment in 1997, Shaadi.com has encountered numerous challenges and successes on its path to becoming the most trusted matchmaking brand on the internet and the world's first business of its kind. 

Anupam's determination, dedication, and faith in his ideas have made him one of the country's successful entrepreneurs. His creative thinking and smart planning are not just evident in the success of Shaadi.com and his other startups, but also in all the investments he has made across different industries.


Personal Achievements

2006-07: Chairperson of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

2011: Most innovative company in India by Fast Company

2011: Karmaveer Chakra Award in the category of Entrepreneurs for Social Change

2014 & 15: Listed by Business Standard as the top angel investor

2016: The 8 Most Prominent Angel Investors in India by Forbes

2020: Outstanding Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor by the TiE

2020: 50 Most Powerful People in India by a Business Weekly




Shaadi.com Milestones

1997: Founded as Sagaai.com

2001: Rebranded as Shaadi.com

2006: Secured venture round funding of $8 Million.

2008: Become the world's leading matrimonial website for Asians.

2009: Collaborated with StarPlus to produce India's first marriage-based reality television show.

2011: Acquired twenty million users.

2016: Shaadi.com acquired Thrill Group, a startup that included two dating products, Frivil and Fropper.




Shark Tank India

Anupam Mittal has been a familiar face on Shark Tank India since its beginning, appearing not only in the first season but also actively participating in seasons 2 and 3. 

Anupam has earned considerable popularity among the audience, particularly for his lively interactions with Aman Gupta. Viewers thoroughly enjoy the banter between Anupam and Aman on the show. 

In addition to his TV presence, Anupam is renowned for his clever investments across various industries, showcasing his keen business sense and strategic thinking.


Investments and Net Worth

Anupam Mittal is known as one of the pioneering investors in India, having backed over 250 startups across various sectors to date. Some notable investments in his portfolio include Ola, Bigbasket, Rupeek, Agnikul, Animall, Interactive Avenues, Rapido, and WhatFix. With a net worth of $23 million, Anupam continues to make strategic investments in promising ventures. Here are some of his recent investments:

ReFit Global (Feb 21, 2024): ₹20M (Angel Round) 

Nasher Miles (Feb 14, 2024): ₹30M (Funding Round)

GrayQuest (Mar 9, 2023): ₹560M (Series A)

Pharmallama (Mar 2, 2023): ₹20M (Seed Round)

Padcare Labs (Feb 4, 2023): ₹10M (Seed Round)

HoneyVeda (Feb 1, 2023): ₹5M (Seed Round)

HoneyVeda (Feb 1, 2023): ₹2.5M (Debt Financing)

Snitch (Jan 30, 2023): ₹15M (Angel Round)

Dorje Teas (Jan 6, 2023): ₹3M (Seed Round)

Punt Partners (18 Dec, 2022): (Venture Round)

Anupam Mittal’s strategic investment in various industries shows his business acumen and support for the new founders.

Did You Know?

Anupam Mittal entered into the world of Bollywood as both an actor and producer. He acted and produced films such as "99" and "Flavors".




Anupam Mittal, India's top matchmaker, entrepreneur, and investor, has made a big impact on the business world with his vision and unique personality. His early investments in many different startups show that he's good at thinking strategically and spotting great ideas. His journey serves as an example of the fact that with strategic problem-solving skills, success can be achieved in any field.





Frequently Asked Questions


The net worth of Anupam Mittal is $23 million.



Anupam Mittal is 52 years old as of 2024.



Shaadi.com was founded in 1997 as Sagaai.com.



In Season 1, he invested ₹54,000,000 into 25 businesses. In Season 2, he invested the same amount in 25 businesses as well. In Season 3, he increased his investment to nearly ₹80,500,000 across different companies.



Yes, Anupam Mittal invested in Ola and BigBasket.


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