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Top 5 Inspirational Success Histories


Being successful is everyone's desire of all residing on this lovely planet. It doesn't matter whether the concerned person is a child, a youth, or the aged, at each and each stage of our wide life span, it's our inbuilt desire to be successful and proceeds forward consistently towards more massive success. The mentality of competing with one another can frequently be noticed in many places, including schools, colleges, coaching, work fields, organizations, offices, etc., to name a few. Compared to our efforts towards the work to achieve success, we frequently expect much more and want success to knock on our doors very soon.

If it doesn't, we become frustrated and ultimately descend farther into the pit of inferiority. Most people have experienced this situation, where frequent and committed attempts are overlooked, and only failures are accepted. There are several such examples everywhere in the world. Most long-lasting personalities have previously faced serious failures in their life struggles. Yet, they continued on their way to success and eventually achieved massive success in their fields of expertise. No caste, creed, religion, or color stopped them ever on their way toward success.

A Deep Dive Into Inspirational Success Stories

The list of 5 successful failures is mentioned with the assistance of the following:

  1. Steve Jobs

 Steve Jobs has been referred to as an iconic figure for the establishment of Apple, the world's biggest company. However, it's extremely shocking to know that the $2 billion company with over 4,000 employees was started with only two people in a garage. Additionally, it should be noted that this outstanding establisher was fired and terminated from the organization where he first began his profession. In addition, after discovering his potential and ability, Steve Jobs built the most well-known corporation, "Apple."

  1. Bill Gates

It has been crucial for Bill Gates to learn from his mistakes rather than revel in his successes. This brilliant businessman, a dropout from Harvard, founded Microsoft, the largest software corporation. Additionally, he was well-known for his independently held company Traf-O-Data, one of the largest disasters in history.

The whole investment of Bill Gates vanished, and unfortunately, even education could not get completed. But, their keen desire and keenness for computer programming-based stuff led him to establish the biggest software company with the brand name "Microsoft."

  1. Einstein

Due to his outstanding innovations and contributions to science, Albert Einstein is a well-known scientist and an incredible genius personality who is known to practically everyone in the world. He asserted that success could be a failure in the making and that a person who has never failed cannot be truly successful. Unfortunately, he experienced a string of failures throughout his early years. He couldn't even talk clearly until he was nine years old when he was expelled from school, and his application to the Zurich Polytechnic School was ignored. However, he continuously found methods to succeed, establishing himself as a renowned diamond in the sea of science and technology, and in 1921 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics.

  1. Abraham Lincoln 

This great personality, who has also been the ex-president of the USA, regularly suffered from massive failures year after year. Lincoln failed in his business in 1831, and after that, in 1836, he got a serious nervous breakdown. Struggling and putting in efforts consistently for years, he again failed in 1856 during US presidential elections. Fighting and struggling consistently, he was elected the sixteenth President of the USA in 1861. 

  1. J.K. Rowling 

J.K. Rowling has been referred to as the famous author of the most-selling book, "Harry Potter," who clearly stated her failures during a speech ceremony that commenced at Harvard. She spoke about her unsuccessful marriage life, with a whole life ahead of her living alone in a jobless situation. Having been without a life partner for so long, she began a new life as a dynamic author. Her creativity finally led her to great success.


Success always looks past the silly excuses and puts itself forward rather than the created misconceptions. The stories of all 5 world-renowned personalities are enough to create an everlasting potential for reaching the goal of success.



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