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4 Tata Stocks that will Benefited from Tata Sons IPO



If you've got an eye for financial news, you've probably heard the buzz about Tata Sons' upcoming IPO. It's not just any IPO; it's set to be a game-changer, marking a historic moment in India's financial landscape. But hold on to your seats, because we're about to unravel the story and discover a clever alternative investment strategy.

Tata Sons' IPO Buzz

Imagine the biggest group of companies in India, and chances are, you're thinking about the Tata Group. Well, guess what? They're gearing up for an Initial Public Offering (IPO), and it's projected to be colossal, ranging from a whopping 7 to 8 lakh crores! That's right – this IPO is expected to be the largest in India's history, outshining even the mighty LIC's 21,000 crores IPO.

Why the IPO, you ask? Well, it turns out the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) released a list of upper-layer Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) back in September 2022. According to RBI regulations, these companies have three years to go public, and Tata Sons is ticking down that clock, with about 1.5 years left. The question now is, how can you get in on this action before the IPO hits the market?

Here is the 4 Tata Stocks that will Benefited from Tata Sons IPO:

Out of the 28 shareholders within the Tata Group, five are publicly listed. Among these listed shareholders, the majority stake is held by Tata Steel and Tata Motors, followed by Tata Chemicals and Tata Power. Indian Hotels is considered as a subsidiary and thus has not been taken into this analysis.
So, there are four remaining shares which will get benefitted from the upcoming mega IPO.
But in all of these, one best alternative has been pointed out for viewers.


Meet Tata Chemicals – Your Smart Investment Alternative:

While we can't directly invest in Tata Sons just yet, there's a smart alternative – Tata Chemicals. Before your eyes glaze over at the mention of chemicals, hold on! This is where things get interesting.

Analyzing Tata Sons' major shareholdings in listed companies, Tata Chemicals steals the spotlight with a whopping 60% holding value. Compared to other companies with a mere 10-12%, Tata Chemicals stands out like a diamond in the rough.

But here's the catch – you can't just dive into investing without understanding the company's ins and outs. We're talking about future growth, profit trends, and various other critical factors. So, in the upcoming video, we'll break it down for you, exploring both technical and fundamental aspects, helping you make informed investment decisions.




Taking a Closer Look at Tata Chemicals

Alright, let's demystify the jargon. Tata Chemicals is more than just chemicals; it's been in the game since 1939, manufacturing and exporting basic chemistry and specialty products globally. However, there's a twist in the tale – 60% of their business relies on soda ash, and global demand has been a bit shaky lately, affecting prices and presenting challenges for Tata Chemicals.

In terms of numbers, Tata Chemicals seems undervalued, with a PE ratio of 19.5x compared to the industry's 33.3x. But, and it's a big but, the PEG ratio is in the negative, indicating potential challenges in the company's future profit growth.





In a nutshell, Tata Chemicals seems like a smart alternative for those eyeing Tata Sons' IPO action. The upcoming video promises to unravel more details, so don't forget to hit that like button and share the insights with your fellow investors. Stay tuned as we navigate through charts, business insights, and make investing a breeze.




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SATISH N G | Posted on 09/03/2024

Good information.

Ashok tahiliani | Posted on 09/03/2024

Good company and get good response

Kashyap Maradia | Posted on 09/03/2024

Please give name of other three tata stocks benefitted by tata sons ipo

Anil Deshmukh | Posted on 10/03/2024

आपने चार स्टॉक के नाम नहीबताये,सिर्फ एक टाटा केमिकल बताया

TheMukulAgrawal | Posted on 11/03/2024

@SATISHNG Thank you... Pasand aye to jada se jada share kare.

TheMukulAgrawal | Posted on 11/03/2024

@SATISHNG Thank you... Pasand aye to jada se jada share kare.

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