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Best Performing Stocks in February 2024 for Long-Term Investment


Best Performing Stocks in February 2024

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Best-Performing stocks in February 2024

Are you ready for some action-packed investing? If you’re looking for some thrilling opportunities in the stock market, you’ll want to mark your calendar for February. That’s when four hot stocks are set to explode with a massive influx of foreign capital. How massive, you ask? Try Rs.4,700 crores – that’s right, billions of rupees! This is a rare chance to ride the wave of a huge investment boom. So, don’t miss this chance to learn more about these four stocks and how you can profit from them. Read on to find out how to join the February frenzy!

The Contenders: Jindal Stainless, PNB, BHEL, and Oberoi Realty

These four stocks are on fire, and they have a golden opportunity to make history. Jindal Stainless could land a whopping Rs.1,240 crores deal, PNB might pocket Rs.1,180 crores, while BHEL and Oberoi Realty are hot on their heels with Rs.1,150 crores each. That’s a lot of cash to splash! But there’s a catch – these stocks have to prove their worth by February. Why? Because that’s when the market cap – the key to enter the prestigious index – will be calculated. If their share prices slip, they could lose their chance, and let other contenders take their place.

1.Jindal Stainless:

Jindal Stainless Ltd. plays a crucial role in making stainless steel in India, which is used in different industries like cars, trains, construction, and everyday items. They create various products such as Ferro Alloys, Steel Slabs, Hot Rolled Coils, Cold Rolled Coils, and Steel Plates. The company is not only significant in India (78%) but also globally (22%), with manufacturing in Indonesia and offices in the US, EU, UAE, Russia, and Vietnam.

2.Punjab National Bank :

Punjab National Bank(PNB) and their housing finance branch helps people with home and other loans. With 94 branches in 64 cities across India, PNB Housing Finance plans to collect Rs 3,000 crore through Basel-III AT1 bonds. These bonds can be called back after the fifth anniversary, but this needs approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

3.Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd:

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) is a government-owned company in India, mainly focused on making equipment for power plants. They design, engineer, manufacture, and service products for various sectors. While reports say BHEL got a contract worth Rs 19,400 crore for the Talabira Power Plant in Odisha, the company clarified that the deal is not finalised yet.

4.Oberoi Realty:

Oberoi Realty Ltd in Mumbai works on developing different types of real estate, like homes, offices, and shops. Recently, the company's shares gained attention because they sold their entire share in a joint venture. Their share prices went up to Rs 1,206.00 and down to Rs 790.05 in the past year.

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The Rising Stars: Dalmia Bharat, Union Bank, Alkem Labs and Nayara

If the market keeps soaring, we could see a stunning 5-10% jump from the current levels. Leading the pack are Dalmia Bharat, Union Bank, Alkem Labs, and Nayara. These stocks are ready to rock and roll, and take you on a wild ride through the financial skies!



The Party Poopers: Indraprastha Gas and Petronet LNG

But hold your horses! Not everyone is invited to the party. Indraprastha Gas and Petronet LNG might be left in the dust if their stock levels keep falling. This could also mean a farewell to some foreign investments from these stocks.

The MSCI Effect: More Indian Stocks, More Opportunities

Guess what? The MSCI Global Standard Index is growing bigger and better, and the number of Indian stocks included has skyrocketed to a massive 131! This year alone, 17 new stocks have joined the elite club, almost doubling the previous year’s count of nine in 2022.



Conclusion: Get Set for a Fun Ride in February!

Alright, folks, we’ve got a spectacular show coming up in the stock market next month! Imagine this: a chance for at least four stocks to shine and attract a mind-blowing Rs.4,700 crores. It’s like a financial carnival you don’t want to miss! But here’s the deal – investing can be a bit of a gamble. While these stocks are getting all the hype, it’s wise to diversify your portfolio, stay updated, and, most importantly, consult the experts before jumping in. So, as we prepare for this February adventure, remember to strap in, stay alert, and have fun. The stock market is like an exciting game, and with a little skill, you can ace it like a pro. Happy investing, and let’s make February a month to remember! 🚀💹

Please note that this blog is not any recommendation for buying or selling any stock. We always encourage the reader to do their research before investing in any stock.


Frequently Asked Questions


Jindal Stainless, PNB, BHEL, and Oberoi Realty take center stage with potential massive deals, offering a combined Rs.4,700 crores influx.


These stocks must prove their worth by maintaining share prices in February, a crucial factor for entry into the prestigious index.


Yes, Dalmia Bharat, Union Bank, Alkem Labs, and Nayara are poised to potentially deliver a 5-10% market jump.


Yes, caution is advised as some stocks like Indraprastha Gas and Petronet LNG may face challenges, potentially leading to a farewell from foreign investments.

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