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Engineers India v/s L&T FH Share Analysis: Which Share to Buy?


Engineers India vs. L&T Finance Holdings


Today, we're going to compare two companies that have caught the attention of many on social media recently. Notably, both of them are considered as stock market giants in their sectors – Engineers India and L&T Finance Holdings. We'll guide you through the basics, helping you make smart decisions without getting too technical.


The Players

On one side, we have L&T Finance Holdings, a financial powerhouse with a diverse portfolio, riding on the shoulders of Larsen & Toubro. On the other side, meet Engineers India, an engineering, procurement, and construction giant, carrying the weight of the Indian Government.


The Comparison

L&T Finance has been doing well for five years, showing growth after a period of stability. Engineers India has reached levels not seen in six years, also showing positive growth. Both companies seem poised for success.


Detailed Video


Financial Check

L&T Finance boasts a P/E ratio of 23.1x, slightly pricier than the industry average of 21.2x. Sales and profits are up, but watch out for a dip in operating profit margins over time – a potential red flag.

Meanwhile, Engineers India comes at a more cost-effective P/E ratio of 24.4x, beating the industry's 35.7x. They've faced some challenges, especially post-COVID, but their almost debt-free status is a positive note.


L&T Finance Holdings Ltd: Unlocking Financial Potential


Key Specifications:

  • Offers a diverse range of financial products and services.

  • Specialties include Farm equipment finance, Two-wheeler finance, Micro Loans, Consumer loans, Home loans, Loans against property (LAP), Real estate finance, Infra finance, Infra Debt Fund, and more.

  • Registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a Systemically Important Non-Deposit Accepting Core Investment Company (NBFC-CIC).

  • Operates as a Core Investment Company (CIC-ND-SI), meeting RBI criteria, including a minimum asset size of Rs 100 cr, accepting public funds, and having at least 90% of total assets in investments within the group.



Engineers India Ltd (EIL): Crafting Engineering Excellence Since 1965


Key Specifications:

  • Founded in 1965, Engineers India Ltd (EIL) is a global engineering consultancy and EPC company.

  • Owned by the Government of India and operates under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoPNG).

  • Engaged in diverse business lines, including Refinery and Petrochemical, Pipelines, LNG Projects, Storage terminals and Strategic Storage, Upstream Oil and Gas Projects, Metallurgy, and Infrastructure.

  • Consultancy and Engineering Products contribute 51% of the revenue.

  • Dominates the domestic market with 90% of revenue generated domestically.


Investor's Decision

As an investor, choosing between the two can be tough. L&T Finance is solid overall, but Engineers India has rebounded strongly after the pandemic. Both technical and financial aspects are important, and your decision should consider your risk tolerance and investment goals.



The Winner

Considering both technical and financial factors, Engineers India appears to be in a good position. However, the final choice depends on your preferences – whether you prioritise stability or growth.



The competition between Engineers India and L&T Finance in the stock market is interesting. Understanding the basics is like solving a puzzle, and we hope this blog has given you insights to make informed decisions.

In summary, L&T Finance is a strong financial player, while Engineers India is a global engineering giant. Consider your risk tolerance and investment goals before deciding, and remember that an informed decision is the best one. Happy investing!


Disclaimer: This Stock Analysis is only for informational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice. Always do your research and consult with a financial advisor.


What's your take on these contenders? Are you placing your bets on L&T Finance or Engineers India? Share your thoughts in the comments, and let's make this investment journey a collective experience.

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