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RBI Action on IIFL & JM Financials | NBFCs Share News


RBI Action on IIFL & JM Financials | NBFCs Share News


Do you want to know more about the companies that lend money without being banks? They are called NBFCs. The RBI is the boss of all banks and NBFCs in India. It has been very strict with some NBFCs lately. We will tell you why and what it means in easy words.
The Plot Unfolds: The RBI wants to make sure that the NBFCs are following the rules and doing their business well. It has punished four NBFCs in six weeks with fines and limits. Why is the RBI doing this? It has found some big problems in how these NBFCs run their business and manage their risks. The RBI does not want any trouble for the financial system. The big question is, what will happen to the NBFCs and the money market?

Is it Game Over for NBFCs? 

The NBFCs are in trouble Everyone is wondering will these NBFCs survive or fail? In the last few years, many NBFCs have faced defaults, downgrades, and actions from the RBI. Are these just bad luck, or signs of a bigger problem? The NBFC crisis is not only affecting the money market. It is also hurting the sectors that depend on NBFCs for money, like real estate, infrastructure, and consumer goods. Is this the end of a bubble that was created by careless lending and borrowing? We want to know what you think - share your views in the comments below!

NBFC Roll Call

Before we go into the details, let’s see who are the main NBFCs in this drama. Who are the NBFCs that are under pressure?

Here are some of the names that you may know: PayTM, Bajaj Finance, IIFL Finance, and JM Financial Ltd.

These are some of the biggest and most powerful NBFCs in India, with a total value of over Rs 4 lakh crore. What makes them so important, and what are the challenges they are facing? Read on to find out!


PayTM, the big company that lets you pay online, has been on the RBI’s watch list since March 2022. What did they do to make the RBI angry? Well, that’s a secret. But what we do know is that the RBI changed the rules for PayTM, putting new limits on its business. The result? A huge fall in PayTM’s share price. Ouch! That must have hurt.



2.Bajaj Finance

Bajaj Finance, the top NBFC in India, was not left alone by the RBI either. In November 2023, the RBI stopped Bajaj Finance from giving loans through some ways. The result? A drop in Bajaj Finance’s share price. It seems like the RBI is being tough with the NBFCs.

3.IIFL Finance

 IIFL Finance, another big NBFC, has been in trouble with both SEBI and RBI. From bans to fines, the story goes on. The latest part involves RBI taking action on their loans, especially the gold loans. No new loans for now! How will IIFL Finance deal with this problem? Will they recover or collapse?



4.JM Financials Ltd

JM Financial Ltd, the company that helps with investing and raising money, is facing RBI heat due to some illegal activities. A special check is going on. Stock down from 100 to 76 - the plot thickens! What did JM Financial do to get into this mess? Is there more to this story than we see?

Connecting the Dots

Now, here’s the interesting part: Why are these top companies facing RBI actions one after another? The timing of the problems and the limits makes us curious. Could it be related to the entry of Jio Financial Services into the market? Jio Financial Services, a part of Reliance Industries, is the new player in the market, offering many financial services, from paying online to buying insurance. It has been growing fast and becoming popular since its launch in August 2023. Could it be that the RBI is favoring Jio Financial Services over its rivals?

What’s going on?
Some big companies are in trouble with the RBI. The RBI has taken some actions against them. Why? Maybe because of a new company called Jio Financial Services. Jio Financial Services is part of Reliance Industries. It offers many financial services, like payments and insurance. It started in August 2023 and has become very popular. Maybe the RBI likes Jio Financial Services more than the other companies. Or maybe not. We don’t know for sure.




This is the end of our financial story. But there is one more thing to talk about. Bajaj Finance is not doing well. But many people are buying other mid-cap stocks. Mid-cap stocks are companies that are not too big or too small. But are they a good investment? Some experts say no. They say that small-cap and mid-cap stocks are too expensive. They say that they could lose value anytime. SEBI has also warned mutual funds to be careful and not invest too much in them.

Do you like small-cap and mid-cap stocks? Or do you prefer large-cap stocks? Large-cap stocks are big companies that are more stable. Tell us what you think in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more financial advice. See you next time. Be smart with your money!





Frequently Asked Questions


The RBI has recently penalized several NBFCs with fines and limits. These actions are a result of the RBI's concerns about rule violations and risk management issues within these NBFCs. The central bank aims to ensure the stability of the financial system and prevent any potential threats.


The NBFC sector is indeed facing challenges, with defaults, downgrades, and regulatory actions affecting prominent players. The question remains: is this a temporary setback or a sign of a larger problem? The crisis is not only impacting the money market but also sectors dependent on NBFCs, such as real estate and infrastructure.


Prominent NBFCs like PayTM, Bajaj Finance, IIFL Finance, and JM Financial Ltd are facing scrutiny. These companies collectively hold a substantial value in the market. Learn more about the challenges these NBFCs are encountering and the implications for the financial landscape.


Explore the specifics of the RBI's interventions, such as new limits on PayTM's business and restrictions on Bajaj Finance's lending methods. Understand the reasons behind these actions and the subsequent impact on the companies' stock prices.


Connect the dots between the RBI's actions and the emergence of Jio Financial Services, a fast-growing player in the financial market. Delve into the possibility of the RBI favoring Jio Financial Services over its competitors and the potential implications for the broader financial industry.

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