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Re-rating 2.0 & Top 5 PSU Banking Stocks to Buy in 2024


Re-rating 2.0 & Top 5 PSU Banks stocks to Buy in 2024

Re-rating 2.0 & Top 5 PSU Banks to Buy in 2024

Do you know what PSU banks are? If you think they are just boring government-owned institutions, think again! PSU banks, or public sector banks, are some of the most influential players in the Indian economy, and they have a fascinating history and future. In this video, we will explain what PSU banks are, how they differ from private banks, and why they are making headlines these days. You will be amazed by some of the facts and figures we have for you. So, stay tuned and get ready to learn something new and exciting about PSU banks!

What the Heck is a PSU Bank?

First things first: what is a PSU bank? Well, it’s not a bank that gives you a degree or a bank that makes you do push-ups. It’s a bank that is partly owned by the government of India. You know, the ones with the big logos and the long queues. Like SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda, and so on.

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Why Should You Care?

Now, you might be thinking: why should I care about these boring old banks? Aren’t they slow, inefficient, and risky? Well, that’s what most people think. And that’s why they’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Because these banks are not what they seem. They’re actually hidden gems that are shining brighter than ever.

How Did They Do It?

How did these banks go from being dull and dusty to being dazzling and dynamic? Well, it’s all thanks to some smart moves by some smart people. Last year, some of the top financial experts in the country, like Motilal Oswal and Morgan Stanley, gave these banks a thumbs up. They said, “Hey, these banks are doing great! They have improved their performance, reduced their bad loans, and increased their market share. They’re worth investing in!” And guess what happened? The stock prices of these banks skyrocketed. We’re talking about some serious returns here!

What’s Next?

But wait, there’s more! This year, Motilal Oswal did something even more amazing. They gave these banks another thumbs up. They called it “Re-Rating 2.0.” Sounds cool, right? It means they looked at these banks again and said, “Wow, these banks are doing even better! They have grown their profits, boosted their deposits, and strengthened their finances. They’re the best in the business!” And guess what that means? The stock prices of these banks are going to soar even higher. We’re talking about some insane profits here!



What’s the Proof?

Don’t believe us? Just look at the numbers. They speak for themselves. Motilal Oswal did some detective work and uncovered some mind-blowing facts:

  • In the last 5 years, these banks went from making losses in 2018 to making a crazy profit of 909 billion rupees by FY23.

  • They’re predicting a whopping profit of 1.3 trillion rupees by FY25.

  • These banks are making more money than ever, and everyone’s noticing!

Who’s on Board?

Motilal Oswal wasn’t the only one who was impressed. Morgan Stanley joined the party too. They also gave these banks a thumbs up. They said, “These banks are awesome! They have better profits, steady deposit growth, and strong financial positions. They’re the stars of the banking world!” And guess what that means? More people are going to buy these stocks. More demand means more value. More value means more money!

What’s the Target?

So, how much money are we talking about? Well, let’s see what Motilal Oswal has to say. They have set some ambitious targets for these banks. And they’re not afraid to show it. Here’s what they said:

  • SBI: Go for 800, not just 700!

  • Bank Of Baroda: 280 is the new target, not 240!

  • Indian Bank: Aim for 525, not 460!

  • Union Bank: Go big150, not just 130!

  • Canara Bank: Shoot for 550, not 440!

And what about PNB? Well, they got a neutral nod with a target of 90. But hey, that’s still better than nothing!




What’s the Catch?

Are you ready for the big reveal of this Blog? Hold on to your seats, because this is going to blow your mind. Even after the massive rally in PSU stocks, you might be wondering, are they still worth buying? This is where the magic happens.

Let’s look at some numbers.

Stock P/E Ratio Industry P/E PEG Ratio
SBI 8.49 9.38 0.11
BANK OF BARODA 6.52 9.38 0.11
INDIAN BANK  8.13 9.38 0.24
UNION BANK  7.40 9.38 0.25
CANARA BANK  5.65 9.38 0.15


What do these ratios tell us? They tell us that these stocks are still undervalued compared to their peers and their growth potential. They tell us that if these government banks keep up their performance, they have a lot of room to grow in the future. They tell us that this is a golden opportunity to invest in PSU stocks and reap the rewards. Don’t miss this chance, because it might not come again."

What’s Your Choice?

So, now that you know the secret, what are you going to do? Which PSU bank are you going to pick for your financial journey? The choice is yours. But remember, this is a rare opportunity. And it might not last long. So, act fast. And act smart. Choose wisely, and let the money-making adventure begin!

They’re treasure troves of wealth. With the backing of reputed firms like Motilal Oswal and Morgan Stanley and the stunning recovery from the bad loan crisis, they have proven their mettle in the market. They have set their sights high, but there’s a catch: the SBI factor. Will it be a friend or a foe? There’s only one way to find out: act now, pick smart, and embark on a thrilling journey in this ever-changing world of PSU banks!


Please note that this blog is not a recommendation for buying or selling any stock. We encourage readers to conduct thorough research, consider their risk tolerance, and consult with financial advisors before making investment decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions


PSU banks, or public sector banks, are government-owned financial institutions in India. Investing in them offers stability, backed by strong financial endorsements from experts like Motilal Oswal and Morgan Stanley.


PSU banks have undergone a remarkable transformation, improving performance, reducing bad loans, and increasing market share. Notable financial experts recognize their growth potential, making them an attractive investment.


PSU banks are government-backed, ensuring stability and reliability. Their recent improvements in performance, as endorsed by financial experts, make them a compelling choice for investors.


Yes, PSU stocks remain undervalued, presenting a unique investment opportunity. This undervaluation, indicated by favorable ratios, suggests room for significant growth compared to their peers.

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