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TATA Acquires Chings Secrets & Organic India: Everything To know


TATA Acquires Chings Secrets & Organic India


Tata Consumer Products Ltd (TCPL), the food and beverage powerhouse of the Tata Group, has recently made some major moves in the Indian market. They've bagged two significant acquisitions – Capital Foods, the genius behind Ching’s Secret, and the health-focused Organic India. Let's dig into what this means for your kitchen shelf and what exciting things might be cooking up in TCPL's future.


The Big Buyout News


Ching’s Secret Acquisition

Ching’s Secret commands a dominant position in the Desi Chinese market, spanning diverse product categories such as Chutneys, Blended Masalas, Sauces, and Soups. Concurrently, Smith & Jones is an expanding brand, specialising in providing ingredients for the in-home preparation of Italian and other Western cuisines.

TCPL snatched up a whopping 75% of Capital Foods, the brains behind the much-loved "desi Chinese" brand Ching’s, for a cool Rs 3,825 crore. They plan to get the remaining 25% over the next three years.

Getting hold of Ching’s Secret, a big shot in the "desi Chinese" market, not only brings in a projected revenue of Rs 750-770 crore just for this year but also opens doors to exciting international markets. And here's the cool part – blending Ching’s Secret with TCPL's distribution network can lead to even more growth possibilities.



Organic India Acquisition

Not leaving out the health-conscious crowd, TCPL also got the majority ownership of Organic India for Rs 1,900 crore. Imagine premium teas, herbal supplements, and loads of organic goodies—that's what they've got in their shopping cart now.

Now, Organic India is a champ in the health and wellness arena. With a strong brand and a big fan base, it's a golden chance for TCPL to tap into a massive market, both in India and beyond. TCPL plans to use its skills to make more products, explore new ways of reaching you (like through pharmacies), and even spread its wings in international markets.


These acquisitions are like TCPL's way of spreading its wings and grabbing opportunities for faster growth.



Strategic Brilliance

Sunil D’Souza, MD & CEO of Tata Consumer Products, conveyed confidence in the strategic and financial alignment of these brands, envisioning substantial opportunities in the expanding non-Indian cuisines segment. By capitalising on the well-established sales and distribution platform and the robust brand recall of Ching’s Secret and Smith & Jones, he foresees driving top-line growth and achieving cost synergies.

Tata Consumer sees this acquisition as an empowering move, enabling the expansion of its product offerings and the enhancement of its pantry platform. The estimated combined market size of the categories within Capital Foods' operation is ₹21,400 crore.

According to Tracxn data, Ajay Gupta, the company's founder, holds a 9.45 percent stake, with the remaining ownership residing with private equity funds General Atlantic and Artal Asia.

Projections under Tata's perspective indicate that Capital Foods is poised to achieve a turnover ranging from approximately ₹750 to ₹770 crore in the fiscal year 2024. This contrasts with turnovers of ₹706 crore in FY23, ₹574 crore in FY22, and ₹667 crore in FY21.




Earnings Outlook

Hold your excitement a bit. Earnings won't suddenly zoom up. Don’t expect your Tata Tea dividends to double right away. TCPL thinks it might take around two years to break even – that's when they start making good money. So, it's more like planting seeds for long-term growth than expecting instant results.


Debt Considerations:

How are they paying for all this? TCPL will use a mix of their own savings, some borrowed money (called debt), and maybe asking current shareholders to pitch in (via a rights issue). But no worries, they are pretty good with money stuff. They've got a good balance between what they owe and what they own, and enough savings, so no need to worry about financial tummy aches.



  • This move shows that more and more Indian companies are trying out new ways to grow, like making big purchases.

  • TCPL is focusing on two things: people really like tasty "desi Chinese" food and healthy, organic stuff. They're keeping up with what people want.

  • The fact that TCPL has done well with other companies it bought before suggests they know how to handle these new additions. It's like cooking up a new recipe – they've done it before, and it turned out great!




These acquisitions are like a big, bold move for TCPL, showing how much they're into growing and trying new things. It might take a bit for the money part to show big results, but in the long run, it looks like a delicious plan. With Ching’s Secret adding some spice and Organic India bringing in a healthy vibe, TCPL is gearing up to serve a bigger, tastier feast not only to people in India but also to friends in other countries.

Disclaimer: This blog does not recommend the purchase of any shares. Readers are advised to conduct their own thorough research before making any investment decisions in the stock market.





Frequently Asked Questions


TCPL made these acquisitions to expand its product offerings and tap into the lucrative Desi Chinese market with Ching's Secret and the health-conscious market with Organic India. The strategic move aims to leverage the strengths of these brands, fostering growth and exploring new opportunities domestically and internationally.


The acquisitions bring in significant projected revenues, with Ching's Secret contributing around Rs 750-770 crore in the fiscal year. Moreover, these acquisitions open doors to international markets and provide TCPL with the opportunity to blend Ching's Secret with its distribution network for additional growth possibilities. Organic India, known for premium teas and herbal supplements, presents an avenue for TCPL to tap into the health and wellness sector.


Sunil D’Souza, MD & CEO of Tata Consumer Products, believes in the strategic and financial alignment of the acquired brands. TCPL aims to capitalize on the well-established sales and distribution platform, leveraging the robust brand recall of Ching's Secret and Smith & Jones. The goal is to achieve top-line growth and cost synergies by expanding product offerings and enhancing the pantry platform.


TCPL acknowledges that earnings won't see an immediate surge, projecting a break-even period of around two years. The company views these acquisitions as an investment for long-term growth rather than expecting instant financial gains. Projections indicate that Capital Foods, particularly Ching's Secret, is expected to achieve a turnover ranging from approximately ₹750 to ₹770 crore in the fiscal year 2024.


TCPL plans to fund the acquisitions through a mix of its own savings, borrowed money (debt), and potentially involving current shareholders through a rights issue. Despite the financial commitments, TCPL emphasizes a balanced financial strategy, highlighting a healthy balance between what they owe and what they own. The company's robust financial position and strategic approach provide assurance against potential financial concerns for investors.

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