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Best Performing Stocks in April 2024 for Long-Term Investment



Hope you all are doing well. We've come up with the most demanded topic: the top-performing stocks for April. As April is here, you all want to know which stocks are performing well, right? Where you can invest and make a good profit? We've solved all these questions in this blog with the list of best-performing stocks of April 2024. So, without any further ado, let's dive in and see where your money can grow!



5 Best Performing Stocks for April 2024


Current Market Price (CMP) – Rs.257.30

BHEL is an engineering and manufacturing company known for its integrated power plant equipment manufacturing. It operates in the power and industry segments. In the power segment, the company deals with thermal, gas, hydro, and nuclear power plants. In the industry segment, it serves various sectors including transportation, transmission, defence and aerospace, power, renewable energy, and more.

The company has been delivering impressive gains over the past few years. Its revenue has shown a notable increase from Rs.21,566 crore in Financial Year 2022 to Rs.23,854 crore in Financial Year 2023.


2-CG Power

Current Market Price (CMP) – Rs.498.40

CG Power is involved in providing comprehensive solutions for the management and application of electrical energy to utilities, industries, and consumers. The company operates in the power system and industrial system segments. In the power system segment, it manufactures electrical equipment for both the power and industrial sectors. Additionally, CG Power manufactures and sells products like transformers, reactors, and switchgear products, and offers turnkey solutions in power distribution and generation. In the industrial system segment, the company specializes in the manufacturing and sale of power conversion equipment.

Over the past years, CG Power has shown consistent growth. In the last year alone, it has delivered around a 72% gain. In Financial Year 2022, the company's revenue was Rs. 5,521 crore, which increased to Rs. 7,040 crore in Financial Year 2023.



3-JSW Steel

Current Market Price (CMP) – Rs.877.50

JSW Steel is involved in the manufacturing and sale of iron and steel products. The company offers a diverse range of steel products through its manufacturing facilities located in various places. Its product portfolio includes flat and long products such as hot rolled coils, sheets, and plates, cold rolled coils and sheets, galvanized and galvalume products, tinplate, and more.

Investors have seen good profits in the past years with JSW. In the last year alone, the company provided a gain of around 28%. Additionally, its revenue increased to Rs. 1,66,990 crore in Financial Year 23 compared to Rs. 1,47,902 crore in Financial Year 2022.




Current Market Price (CMP) – Rs.1204.80

Macrotech Developers Limited specializes in developing real estate properties in India and the United Kingdom. Its portfolio includes housing projects, premium and luxury housing projects, as well as industrial and logistics park segments. The company has multiple housing projects located in various places in India and the UK.

Over the past years, the company has delivered good gains to investors. In the last year alone, it provided a gain of around 161%. Additionally, its revenue increased to Rs. 9,611 crore in Financial Year 2023 compared to Rs. 9,525 crore in Financial Year 2022.



5-Tata Chemicals

Current Market Price (CMP) – Rs.1137.75

Tata Chemicals Limited offers chemistry solutions and operates in two main segments: Basic Chemistry Products and Specialty Products. In the Basic Chemistry Products segment, the company produces both organic and inorganic chemicals. On the other hand, the Specialty Products segment consists of specialty silica, prebiotics, and Agri inputs.

Over the past years, Tata Chemicals Limited has provided good gains to investors, with a return of around 14% in the last year alone. Furthermore, the company's revenue increased from Rs. 12,878 crore in Financial Year 2022 to Rs. 17,007 crore in Financial Year 2023.

Best-performing stocks for April 2024

Share Name

CMP (Rs.)

P/E Ratio

Mar. Cap. (Rs, in Cr.)





CG Power




JSW Steel




Macrotech Developers Limited




Tata Chemicals




These are the top-performing stocks in April 2024 as selected by our experts. These stocks have been consistently delivering strong returns over time. Investors, after analyzing various factors, can choose to perk their funds into these shares to maximize their gains. However, it's important to remember that the stock market is volatile. Before investing, it's wise to assess your risk tolerance and ensure that your investment decisions align with your financial goals and risk appetite.

Disclaimer: This Stock Analysis is only for informational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice. Always do your research and consult with a financial advisor.

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