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Top 7 Stocks Benefited From IPL 2024 | Highest Growth Sectors


Top 7 Stocks Benefited From IPL 2024 | Highest Growth Sectors


Get ready to feel the excitement because IPL, one of India's biggest tournaments, is just around the corner! Everyone is buzzing with energy and excitement, getting ready to support their favourite teams. Many have already booked their flights and hotels to catch the action live at the stadium. TV channels are all set to broadcast the tournament and its highlights, adding to the thrill.

But did you know that the IPL fever doesn't just stop at the stadiums and TV screens? It also impacts the share market! Yes, you heard it right. When such a big event is happening in the country, the share market also feels the buzz.

Wondering which shares will benefit from the IPL 2024? Well, we've got you covered! Our top experts have picked the top shares from different industries that could benefit in the long term from the IPL. So, let's dive right in and check out the Top Stocks Benefiting From IPL 2024.

Here are the Top Stocks that can be benefited from IPL 2024

Broadcasters and Media companies Stocks that can Benefit from IPL 2024


TV18 is going to benefit from the IPL as the broadcasting rights play a pivotal role in bringing the action of the match to real life. As a subsidiary of Network18, they'll likely see a lot of viewers tuning in. This means more advertising revenue for them, which ultimately boosts their profits.


Network18, owned by Reliance, along with Jio Cinema, is the streaming partner for IPL. With more people watching IPL, Network18 will gain popularity and earn more money from advertising. This will directly impact the company's performance in the share market.

Consumer Staples Stocks that can Benefit from IPL 2024


Sunfeast, a brand owned by ITC Ltd., has become the Official Partner of RCB for IPL 2024. They have planned various activities, including TV commercials and customer-centric contests, to make the most of this partnership and engage the audience. Additionally, ITC owns several snacking brands that people love munching on while watching IPL. This will increase overall visibility for ITC and its stock.


During the sports season, people enjoy having tea and coffee while watching IPL. HUL, one of the biggest consumer staples companies in India, will directly benefit from this trend. The company owns several famous tea and coffee brands.


Beverages Stocks that can Benefit from IPL 2024

1.Varun Beverages

During the summer season and IPL, Varun Beverages' shares are expected to rise. Pepsi and other beverages offered by the company are the most consumed beverages during IPL matches and in the summers. Additionally, the company will be featured in advertisements during the tournament, increasing its popularity and ultimately boosting its share value.




Hospitality and Tourism Stocks that can Benefit from IPL 2024

1.Indian Hotels

IPL tournaments are hosted in various cities across India, leading to a surge in hotel bookings. Indian Hotels, part of the Tata Group and owning many reputable hotels in India, is expected to experience an increase in bookings, benefiting the company's shares in the long run.

2.Easy My Trip

When people attend IPL matches, they often need to book flights, buses, and hotels. Easy My Trip, a company that facilitates such bookings, stands to benefit from this increased demand, leading to higher profits and share prices.



Data of all the top picks for IPL 2024


CMP (Rs)


Market Cap (Rs in Cr)

TV 18




Network 18












Varun Beverages




Indian Hotels




Easy My Trip








The IPL is one of India's biggest tournaments and it does have an impact on the share market. However, this doesn't mean you'll see an immediate surge in the shares mentioned above, leading you to become rich overnight. The key thing to remember is that when such big tournaments are organized in a country, certain industries will benefit, and you may see the impact on their share prices in the long term. So, if you're considering investing in the shares mentioned, you are advised to conduct thorough research and analysis to achieve optimal results in the long term.





Frequently Asked Questions


The IPL, being one of India's major tournaments, generates excitement and impacts various industries, including the share market. Increased viewership and consumer engagement during the IPL season can influence the performance of specific stocks.


TV18 and Network18, both integral players in the broadcasting and streaming of IPL, are poised to benefit. The broadcasting rights and streaming partnerships contribute to increased viewership, advertising revenue, and ultimately impact their stock performance.


Companies like ITC and HUL are leveraging IPL partnerships to enhance visibility. ITC's Sunfeast brand as the Official Partner of RCB and HUL's ownership of popular tea and coffee brands align with consumer preferences during the IPL season.


Varun Beverages, with its offerings like Pepsi, anticipates a surge in popularity and share value during the IPL. Beverages from this company are widely consumed during IPL matches and the summer season.


Indian Hotels, part of the Tata Group, and Easy My Trip are poised to benefit. Increased hotel bookings during IPL tournaments and higher demand for travel-related services contribute to the growth of these companies, influencing their shares positively.






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