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Best 3 Next-Generation Defence Stocks to Invest in 2023


The demand for defence equipment is growing day by day. It occurred as a result of recent wars and war-like situations in some countries. The rising tensions between nations have increased concern for defence in almost every country.

India has not been left out of the commotion and has taken numerous significant steps to strengthen its defence sector. The government has increased the defence budget in order to boost the sector, especially to boost the defence equipment manufacturing in the country.

Yes, India is planning to reduce its reliance on other countries for defence equipment by developing its own advanced and modern weapons and ammunition. Furthermore, India is attempting to capture a good share of the global market by exporting this equipment to other countries as well.

The government has also opened the doors for private firms to take this initiative to new heights. All of this activity in the industry had a positive impact on defence stocks. Many defence companies' stocks have risen significantly in recent months.

The increase is expected to continue in the future as India's defence sector expands rapidly. Let's take a look at the best defence stocks to invest in.

India is the world's third largest military spender, accounting for approximately 2.15% of the country's total GDP for the defence budget. The Indian government intends to spend $130 billion to strengthen the country's armed forces over the next 5-7 years.

Under the ‘Atamnirbhar Bharat’ initiative, the government is focusing on the defence and aerospace sectors in order to make the country self-sufficient in this sector. The government intends to push this vision by ensuring transparency, ease of doing business, a supportive ecosystem, and government policies.

The government's goal is to achieve a $25 billion turnover, including defence exports, by 2025. The government and the ministry of defence have taken numerous significant steps to fulfil this mission.

To encourage exports and attract foreign investment in the defence sector, the government increased FDI by 74% via the automatic route and 100% via the government route.

In addition, an announcement has been made to open two dedicated defence industrial corridors in the states of Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

2.2 Top 3 Next-Generation Defense Stocks

For investors, the Indian defence sector offers numerous opportunities. There will be a lot of activity in this sector in the near future. Let's take a look at the top three defence stocks to invest in.

2.2.1 Hindustan Aeronautics

Hindustan Aeronautics is India's only defence public sector undertaking (PSU) operating in an aviation centre. It is also regarded as the backbone of India's aviation centre.

The company is involved in the production of high-tech combat aircraft and helicopters. It was also named one of the world's top 100 defence companies.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited's customers include the Indian Air Force, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, ISRO, and several other state governments.

Furthermore, the company exports its aircraft to a number of countries, including the United States, Vietnam, France, Russia, and Thailand.

The company's net profit is increasing at a breakneck pace year after year. The company's monopoly in the india’s aviation sector may be the most important factor in its profitability.

When it comes to the company's stock, the return is massive. Hindustan Aeronautics' all-time 52-week low was INR 1181, and the stock is currently trading at INR 2487.

The company's future is also bright; the entire sky is clear, and the chairman of the company expects revenue to double by the fiscal year 2024. There are numerous opportunities for the company to capitalise on, and as an investor, you can also make hay while the sun shines.

2.2.2 Bharat Electronics

Bharat Electronic Company is involved in the aerospace and defence industries. Radar, communication, and electronic warfare equipment are the primary products of the company. In addition, the company also develops non-defence products such as software and electronic components.

Founded in 1954, the company is well-known for selling its products to reputable organisations in India such as the Indian Election Commission, DRDO, ISRO, All India Radio, Railways, and other private and public organisations.

Apart from that, the company exports its equipment to countries such as Botswana, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Russia, the United States, and South Africa.

When it comes to the company's growth, it has seen a year-over-year increase in revenue. Bharat Electronics net profit has increased by around 15%, while the company's share price has increased significantly.

In the last year, the share's market price has soared, providing investors with a tidy profit. The share has good future potential as the government focuses on manufacturing defence equipment from domestic industries, and Bharat Electronic must take benefit from this.

2.2.3 Bharat Dynamics

Bharat Dynamics Limited is a defence company that produces ammunition, missiles, anti-tank guided missiles, underwater weapons, launchers, rifles, and panels.

This company's stock is also regarded as the best defence stock in the country. It, like other companies, also has a list of elite customers. The company's profit has been steadily increasing with every fiscal year.

The company was losing money in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2020, but it has made a strong comeback with a good profit in the fiscal year 2021. With a strong order book, the fiscal year 2022 looks promising for the company.

The company has received numerous export orders from various foreign countries.  Apart from that, the government's initiative to make India self-reliant also helps the company's profit to boost. This year, the company's share price has increased significantly.

The 52-week high for this company's share is INR 979, which is significantly higher than the 52-week low of INR 368. This is a good stock to include in your portfolio if you want to make a good profit.

Any country's defence sector is one of its most important parts. A strong defence system allows a country to not only protect its citizens from external threats but also to maintain national peace and stability.

India is heavily reliant on other countries for weapons and defence equipment. The war between Russia and Ukraine, on the other hand, made every country realise the importance of its own strong and advanced defence system.

It is said that those who learn from other people's experiences are intelligent. Having stressful relations with neighbouring countries such as China and Pakistan, India needs to strengthen its defence system to deal with any future aggression.

The Indian government understands this and they have increased the defence budget and shifted their focus to making the country self-sufficient in the defence sector.

This development in the defence sector piqued the interest of both domestic and foreign investors in defence stocks. The market price of defence-related stocks clearly reflects this impact.

It's no surprise that all of these factors combine to make the defence sector a win-win investment for investors. in long term also defence stocks will rise as India attempts to reduce its reliance on foreign nations for military equipment and increase domestic manufacturing.

The Indian defence sector will see a surge of activity in the coming years. There are numerous positive changes in the defence sector that are just waiting to be revealed. All of these advantages make defence a worthwhile investment sector. 

What are your thoughts on these? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions


For every nation, the defence sector is always a top priority, and given the current climate of unpredictability, defence stock appears profitable. This makes it an ideal long-term investment, however, it is advised to complete your research before making any decision.



War affects defence stock, without a doubt. At the time of war defence stock prices increase along with the demand for defence equipment.



Yes, India has a defence sector of its own, and the government is taking several steps to increase domestic manufacturing by purchasing and producing defence equipment.



A recession is a challenging period for a nation's economy and business. However, it also offers a chance to purchase stock at a reduced cost. Additionally, defence stocks typically perform better during recessions, making them an excellent choice for investment.


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