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Why Paytm Share Falling? Allegations, Govt. Actions & Future


Paytm Stock Crash


For years paytm has been our go-to app for easy digital money transfer but recent events have resulted in a very bad situation for the fintech giant. Involving allegations of money laundering, and regulatory breaches causing the stock to fall lower circuit again in the stock market today.

In this blog, we will explain all the recent twists and turns of Paytm's financial journey, exploring the challenges it faces and its potential future options ahead.


Paytm Stock Ups and Downs

Paytm which has been making headlines in the past few days, and the numbers tell a story of ups and downs. With shares worth approximately 27,850 crore rupees, Paytm witnessed a 52-week high of 998 rupees and a low of 438.50 rupees, resulting in a significant loss for investors. 

A 20% + 20% + 10% decrease translated into a collective loss of around 20,500 crore rupees. Amidst this financial rollercoaster, Paytm is under the scrutiny of regulatory bodies, facing allegations of money laundering.


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Allegations and Regulatory Actions

In between the current storm for Paytm are the accusations of money laundering and non-compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) norms. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is actively investigating these claims, while the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has identified irregularities related to money laundering and KYC compliance.

In response to the alleged wrongdoings, the RBI has taken strict measures against Paytm Payments Bank. Effective from February 29, the bank is now restricted from accepting new deposits or providing loans, sending disruption through the financial sector and forcing investors to reevaluate their positions.


Ongoing Investigations

Paytm has been dealing with these allegations of money laundering and illegal betting since 2021, with the ED conducting investigations. While the accusations have not been proven, the company acknowledges the ongoing investigation and says that there have been no inquiries directed at its founders or CEO. 

However, The RBI's crackdown has significantly impacted Paytm's business operations, with the company now banned from offering several services, including accepting new deposits and providing loans. Despite these challenges, Paytm assures existing customers that fund withdrawals remain unrestricted.



RBI's Alert and Actions

Reports suggest that the RBI had issued an alert to the ED a few months ago, signalling potential money laundering and KYC violations by Paytm. The RBI warned that Paytm Payments Bank's licence could be at risk due to these reasons. In response, the RBI has taken strict measures against Paytm, enforcing restrictions on certain services while allowing the company to continue payment services with other banks.


Business Segments and Compliance

Paytm clarifies that its other products, such as insurance distribution and equity broking, remain unaffected by the RBI's measures. The company assures that its promoters have not taken any margin loans, and no shares are pledged. However, Paytm Payments Bank is under investigation for alleged KYC non-compliance and potential risks of fraud and money laundering.


The Future: Collaborate or Sell-Off?

Despite the challenges, Paytm's shares found favour with major fund houses, with an increase in exposure reported by Rupeevest. Meanwhile, Recent reports suggest Paytm's parent company, One97 Communications, is in ongoing talks with Jio Financial Services and HDFC Bank to potentially sell its wallet business. These discussions come amidst hesitancy from six banks to partner with Paytm following the RBI's stringent measures.


Challenges in Partnerships

In the aftermath of the RBI's strict measures, senior executives from private and government banks express hesitation in partnering with Paytm. Clarity on the reasons behind the regulatory actions is sought before considering collaborations. Some believe that migrating Paytm Payments Bank accounts and conducting KYC would be a challenging task.




Paytm's recent financial journey is going through many challenges, investigations, and potential partnerships issues. As the company goes through these tough times, stakeholders, investors, and industry observers are closely monitoring developments to see how Paytm adapts and steers through this period of scrutiny and change.


We will keep you updated in our upcoming blogs with recent updates related to paytm.


Frequently Asked Questions


Allegations of money laundering and regulatory breaches, along with an RBI crackdown, have led to a loss of investor confidence, causing a significant decline in Paytm's stock.


Current uncertainties and regulatory challenges make Paytm shares a risky investment, requiring careful consideration of the evolving situation.


Paytm is facing a decline due to ongoing investigations into money laundering, non-compliance with KYC norms, and regulatory restrictions imposed by the RBI on its banking operations.


Paytm's crash by 20% is due to the combined impact of regulatory actions, allegations of wrongdoing, and the resulting loss of investor confidence in the company.


The potential failure of Paytm is linked to the regulatory challenges, ongoing investigations, and the resultant impact on its business operations, leading to a decline in its market value.


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